Team events for 2015

Team event trends for 2015

A great team really can be the difference between success and failure. Is your team doing all it is capable of? If not, why not? Could a team event help you to improve the cohesiveness?

As Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

What makes a successful team event?

Do you have the important elements that make a successful team?

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Adaptability, and probably the two most important elements,
  • Communication, and
  • Trust.

If the answer to that is no, then perhaps you should consider a 2015 team event.

You’ve probably been on one of these before. You know the sort of thing… you all travel to some Godforsaken part of the country in freezing cold temperatures and attempt to build a raft out of a box of recycled rubbish!

Well, raft building has certainly had its day! Team building these days need to be more impactful. The metrics and dynamics of developing team events have matured and a solution which provides a WOW for all is the ultimate aim.

Graham James, Director at AYMTM, highlights the rules for success when creating a successful team event:

  • Create a level playing field, no hierarchy. The environment must be based on leaving the stripes back at the office. It’s a simple but effective way of increasing interaction and insight.
  • A new skill. The easiest way to engage a group dynamic is to do something new and exciting – it’s no good having a raft building day if one of the team is an ex-boat builder. Learning a new skill will create a shared experience for the team.
  • A new environment. Get out of the workplace. A new environment will provoke personal engagement.
  • Create an end. What’s the point in building a boat if you don’t then don’t set sail?

Team event trends for 2015

So, what sort of event can we create for your team to incorporate these rules for success? Well, what you are trying to achieve is the first thing to consider. The number of people who will be attending is another. There are a number of trends for team events for 2015. Have a look at these…

Krypton Factor-style challenge With indoor and outdoor rounds, testing including general knowledge, mental agility and physical ability

Wallace & Gromit Animation Day An introduction to Stop Motion Animation, techniques made popular by the incredible success of Aardman Studio’s ‘Wallace & Gromit’?

GPS Treasure Hunt This engaging event uses latest technology, tablets and GPS tracking.

Sports Day A competitive challenge, where your team will take part in a variety of modern and traditional sporting activities.

Chocolate & Wine Matching Create and cook your own personal signature dish.

If none of the above seems to quite fit your team, give us a call. We have a whole range of events and ideas, and can help you choose the right team-building event for your meeting objectives.

Learn, share and see each other in a new light…

Contact our Events team.

What makes a successful team event?

Article Name
What makes a successful team event?
A great team really can be the difference between success and failure. Is your team doing all it is capable of? If not, why not, and what can you do to improve the cohesiveness in your team?