Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition


Motivate your people

Recognition is primal. As humans we need it. We crave it. We respond to it. That makes employee reward and recognition a must have for companies in order to attract and retain the right employees.

Modular, off-the-shelf reward and recognition solution

AYMTM offer a professional off-the-shelf solution to help motivate your people.

It’s well documented that employee resignation isn’t just about salary, it’s about being recognised. Sound scary? Not anymore, with a system which has all the functionality and rules around creating a fair, clear and consistent approach to employee recognition, it simply needs you.

Bespoke to fit your company

The modular design allows easy, quick implementation at reduced cost. If your company needs change, your reward system can be easily upgraded to meet your requirements and objectives. As well as this, our team is able to provide a totally bespoke solution, specific to your needs. Talk to us about how we can help build a package to suit you.

Self-managed and managed solutions

A huge benefit is the ability to manage your own staff or channel reward and recognition systems. You have total control. However, we are on hand to either assist you with the running of the programme or even manage it for you.

Reward & recognition functionality

  • Peer-to-peer nominations
  • Manager-to-peer nominations
  • Customer nominations
  • Team nominations
  • Long service awards
  • Monetary and non-monetary rewards
  • Hall of fame
  • Budget control
  • Manager approvals
  • Vast reward choice
  • Content control
  • Personalised branding
  • Operates on a database upload function
  • Online and paper based
  • Management reporting suite
  • Incentive reward card, gift vouchers and store cards

The bits you need to know

  • Fully secure site with data encryption
  • The system can link with any other website already operating
  • Hosting and self hosting options
  • Managed via a content management system

What is reward and recognition?

Everyone has a fundamental need to have their efforts acknowledged whether by their peers or those more senior in their hierarchy, either personal of professional. Within the work environment this means colleagues and managers recognising actions that demonstrate skill, effort or go ‘above and beyond’. Although a direct ‘thank you’ or ‘pat on the back’ has value, it limits the recognition to an audience of two, the thanker and the thankee. In a formal recognition approach, the thankee is recognised by a much broader audience, which inherently increases the value and long term impact of the thank you.

While quite often a simple thank you can be enough, the long term engagement value can be further enhanced by adding a reward aspect. Reward and recognition present a symbiotic relationship where the combined value exceeds the sum of the parts. It’s often quoted that “recognition without reward can be viewed cynically, while reward without recognition is missing a trick”.

Key to reward and recognition having a positive impact is that it must be seen to be fair – attainable by anyone, not just the ‘elite’ or management favourites. In addition, the reward must be something desirable and appropriate to the person receiving it.

Put simply, reward & recognition is about saying thank you in a meaningful way.

The bigger picture?

Considering reviewing the employee piece? With a range of additional options including idea schemes, long service rewards, employee benefits, awards dinners, incentive travel and an award winning range of flex and voluntary benefits, we can support you in employee engagement.

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