Incentive Reward Card

Incentive reward card

Incentive Reward CardBranded incentive reward card

Front of wallet, front of mind

With a choice of the standard card or a bespoke design just for your campaign, our reward can be issued to your employees or channel partners, and loaded with reward payments as required. Using MasterCard Prepaid technology, the balances are checked electronically every time the incentive reward card is used to ensure that only available funds can be spent.

With customised cards, each time a user spends their reward, they are reminded who gave them that reward and as such, your brand will be reinforced positively with each purchase.

Spend your reward anywhere

Geographically – it’s welcomed at over 32 million outlets worldwide, in fact anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
As companies truly become client-focused and operate without country boundaries, our incentive reward card option works in the same way. Available in Sterling (GBP), Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR), you can now reward your staff and partners in all parts of the world.

Incentive reward card: key Features

  • Can be branded to your campaign or programme
  • Reloadable – next day reward loads
  • Valid for 24 months
  • Universal acceptance
  • Reinforces positive behaviour when used
  • Cost effective reward delivery
  • Cash back rewards from certain leading retailers

Can be used for:

Our reward not only gives cardholders the maximum choice on how they spend their reward but it also means they can spend them when they want. No pre-planning where to shop or what to order, just pop out the plastic and swipe!

Our reward gives you literally millions of shopping opportunities as it’s accepted around the world anywhere MasterCard is. What could be better than putting a smile of the most important people on your business without the usual boundaries.

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