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AYMTM Fantasy Football league

Fantasy Football

Drive engagement, excitement and activity through your audience with our brand new off-the-shelf, white label Fantasy Football league.

  • Improve hits and give employees another reason to visit your intranet or website.
  • Drive engagement and improve hit rates on your channel/dealer communication pages.
  • Drive training or product knowledge activity with a Fantasy Football access token (to play all season long).
  • Spice up your sales incentives with an element of competition across your audience.

Simply by using our Fantasy Football league, one of our clients saw a 391% increase in unique logins, 29% increase in registrations and a 30-70% increase in each of their website functions which is helping to drive engagement with their Reward & Recognition tool.

What is Fantasy Football?

Participants can choose players and manage their own football team then earn points based on the results of real world matches.

  • Each participant has a set budget to buy their choice of players.
  • Every Premiership player is assigned a monetary value.
  • Participants select their own team of 11 players from these Premiership players.
  • Each time chosen players are involved in games, the participant earn points for appearances, assists, goals and clean sheets whilst losing points for goals conceded and getting yellow or red cards.
  • Each participant will be able to change one/two player(s) weekly (keeping to their budget and any other limitations that are in place e.g. only two players from one Premier League team) to cover off injuries.

Participants from your audience will are entered into an overall league table with monthly rewards for those at the top of the league.

Regular post match data feeds ensure points score stays current.

Behaviours it will drive

The Fantasy Football league’s main goal is to drive visits to your website. Participants will regularly login to setup their teams, make transfers, check how their team is performing and check their position in the league. From here we can bespoke the league to drive the behaviours you need whether it be registrations, engagement, product knowledge or sales. Let us know your requirements and we will make this work for you.

White label, customised solution

We can bespoke the Fantasy Football league to meet your budgets and requirements including:

  • Fully brand the league using your logos and branding including fonts, header images and background.
  • Creating sub-leagues by location or department.
  • Offer a full communications strategy to help disseminate your message.
  • Tie in with sales targets, product knowledge, business objectives and more.
  • Running alongside other football tournaments such as the World Cup instead of the Premier League
  • Re-skinning the league for other sporting leagues.

Please ask us for more information.

Rewarding winners

We suggest a star prize for the overall winner of the league at the end of the season. A ‘money can’t buy’ travel based incentive works well.

As well as this we recommend offering regular (eg monthly) prizes to the current teams at the top of the league or based on the number of red cards received, a wooden spoon award, most goals conceded etc. We can help with arranging suitable and interesting prizes for all budgets and audiences in line with business objectives.

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